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We Love Our Nurses

A Meal Provided by Alomere Health Retired Nurses

A special thank you goes to the 54 retired Alomere Health nurses who donated meals to all of the nursing units and shifts at the hospital on Tuesday, November 24th. Approximately 170 meals were provided to Nurses, HUCs, Patient Sitters, PCAs, etc. A thoughtful gesture from our fellow retirees and a day-brightener for all our healthcare professionals who received a meal.

“We support our nurses!” – Retired Alomere Health Nurses who donated:

  • Mary Nylund, Medical
  • Anne Nyberg, ICU
  • Karen Thul, OR
  • Heidi White, OR
  • Karen Lindley, OR
  • Liz Staples, ER
  • Pat Denke, ER
  • Donna Felt, Surgical
  • Ruth Steffl, ICU
  • Marlis Costello, NS
  • Joan Peterson, Medical
  • Vickie Schauland, PACU
  • Deb Stitch, Surgical
  • Dawn Gillespie, Surgical
  • Jill Kohler, Surgical
  • Sue Paulson, Surgical
  • Lu Johnson, OB
  • Brenda Miska, ICU
  • Kathy Moe, ICU
  • Brenda Moe, ICU
  • Dana Lauer, PACU
  • Corliss Nelson, Surgical
  • Georgia Dalum, Medical
  • Jean Deuel, Medical
  • Ginny Cohrs, Instructor
  • Cheryl Capp, Instructor
  • LaRae Ziegelmann, Instructor
  • Sharon Radach, Medical
  • Marilyn Ingebrigtsen, ER
  • Pauline Trandahl, PACU
  • Jan Wilson, OR
  • Jean Connell, ER
  • Barb Schneider, Surgical
  • Renee Baer, ASU
  • Jean Yarke, ICU
  • Martha Esbjornson, Surgical
  • Connie Amundson, Medical
  • Sandy Normand, ICU
  • Barb Orning, ICU
  • Mary Ellen Lyman, OR
  • Marilyn Raske, OR
  • Julie Barnack, ASU
  • Sherilynn Englund, NS
  • Jane Sirek, OR
  • Padi Leedahl, OR
  • Lori Kulas, OR
  • Paula Glade, OB
  • Rosie Lotthammer, Surgical
  • Mirium Thornquist, ICU
  • Kristi Mounts, ICU
  • Meg Jones, OB
  • Marge Hedlund, Surgical
  • Jennifer Rentz, Cardiac Rehab
  • Sharon Karvonen, Medical

Pictured below: Some of the healthcare professionals who received a meal on Tuesday, November 24th.