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By now you know that our nation is experiencing a staffing shortage. It’s a headache for every business but when it affects healthcare, the potential for a public health crisis is real.

At Alomere, our capacity to care for patients is directly related to how many staff members are available. With the added pressure of COVID hospitalizations, the overtime hours requested of the remaining staff is causing exhaustion and burnout.

Alomere Health recognized the staffing crisis early and has taken these steps:

• Hired a recruitment specialist.
• Implemented an employee referral program.
• Increased our community college and university partnerships.
• Stepped up our presence on employment websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and more.
• Invested in advertising to promote all our career opportunities.
• Communicated the need internally with signage and staff messages.
• Updated our print and digital recruitment materials.
• Developed an education sponsorship program for Alomere staff to grow in their career.
• Launching a new website in 2022.

Spread the word.

Our care team family and local community are amazing, so don’t keep it a secret! Consider referring your friends and family to Alomere Health if they are looking for a more meaningful career. Ask them to visit the Careers page to learn more about working at Alomere and to see our open positions.

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