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Spotlight: Virginia Dvorak

Meet Virginia (Ginny) Dvorak, Radiologic Technologist at Alexandria Clinic, A Service of  Alomere Health.

If you’re coming in for a mammogram, relax, you’re in good hands. Ginny will walk you through the whole process in a calming and knowledgeable manner. She has been serving as a Radiologic Technologist in x-ray and mammography for over 30 years. She feels she is simply doing her part as an advocate for breast cancer awareness.

Ginny understands breast cancer. Not only is she an 8-year survivor, her two daughters, mother, and grandmother have all lived with it. She knows first-hand the importance of getting checked early and often.

It was at the age of 34, that her oldest daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ginny helped her daughter through the mammogram process. A little over a year later, Ginny was diagnosed. And at 35 years of age, her youngest daughter was diagnosed. Each woman had a different form of the cancer—and all are survivors, and doing well today because of early detection.

Cancer is awful. But you get stronger and you work together.

Virginia Dvorak, Radiologic Technologist
Alexandria Clinic

“Ginny and the mammography team show compassion, making patients feel at ease. They all play a huge role in prevention in our community,” says Lindsey Sweep, Manager of Alexandria Clinic’s Imaging Department.

“I really enjoy working in mammography and seeing the patients that come back every year. I like doing a good job with my team and I feel like I’m contributing. I work with a great team. We all know the importance of early detection,” says Ginny.

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