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Reopening Surgery At Alomere Health

May 28, 2020

In this video, Chief Nursing Officer Margaret Kalina explains the safety protocols for patients coming in for elective surgeries.

To reopen surgery safely, we’ve followed all of the steps outlined in Governor Walz’s directive. We’ve also implemented steps laid out by the Minnesota Hospital Association in their roadmap for reopening.

Our current surgery protocol includes the following:

  • 96 hours before surgery, you’ll be tested for COVID-19 at our drive-thru surgery testing area
  • After testing, you’ll be asked by your provider to self isolate at home and await the test results
  • When you arrive at the facility for your procedure, we will ask you screening questions to make sure you are still feeling well
  • After screening, you will be kept socially separated from other patients
  • All surgery staff you come in contact with will be wearing PPE including masks, gowns, and face shields

To learn more about Alomere Health reopening surgery, or if you have questions about elective surgery, contact your primary care physician.