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Spotlight: Taylor Anderson, Medical Lab Tech

Taylor says she found her career by happy accident. Initially set on becoming a dental hygienist, she couldn’t get into St. Cloud Tech’s program because of unusually high demand. Luckily, a friend suggested she look into Alex Tech’s Medical Laboratory Technician program and Taylor found her calling. “I loved the school.”

Upon finishing her degree, she and her 8th-grade sweetheart, David (now husband of five years), moved to Minneapolis for his education. “In Minneapolis, I had a great job with great people at HCMC (Hennepin County Medical Center), but we didn’t like the Cities. You are on your own there. You can’t breathe. And when you do breathe, it’s someone else’s breath.”

In 2019, Taylor and David came back home to build their careers, raise a family, ride their horses—and breathe.

There are other labs nearby, Morris and Long Prairie, but I wanted to work at Alomere. We have a strong connection with Alomere. They have taken incredible care of David’s family for over three generations.

Taylor Anderson, Medical Lab Tech
Alomere Health

In her role as a Lab Tech, Taylor smiles as she lists the three ingredients to her success: flexibility to juggle a variety of tasks, people skills to keep patients comfortable, and really good shoes because you’re always moving! “With all of the timers in the lab being in constant use, it seems I’m always running to a ‘beep’.” Taylor’s favorite part of her job is the conversations, “I love to talk. I have hundreds of 2-minute conversations each day. It makes my day.”

On her first day back in the lab after maternity leave, she grins as she talks about Vernon, the first of hopefully four children. “He was named after his great grandfather.” As a new mom, Taylor is happy to call Alexandria home. “Alex is very community minded and there are lots of activities here. I personally like attending all of the festivals with my friends at work. People really take care of each other here.”

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