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Dr. Deb to impact community health—nationally!

Everyone who knows (and loves) our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deb Dittberner, recognizes the incredible impact she has made on her patients, coworkers, and friends. Her efforts in healthcare have touched thousands of us living in the lakes region and beyond. Now, Alomere Health is proud and excited to announce that Dr. Deb is accepting a new opportunity— that will powerfully affect millions of people around the country.

A Local Legacy

For nearly three decades at Alomere Health, Dr. Deb has tirelessly cared for our community, gaining valuable technical knowledge, human-centric wisdom, and organizational leadership skills. During all of that time, she has been a passionate advocate for providing the highest level of care. And most recently, she has courageously stepped up to lead our organization and our community through a challenging time.

A New Challenge

Dr. Deb will be drawing upon all of her experiences in her new role as the Medical Director of Complex Case Management and Population Health at Optum Health. She has always been driven to initiate protocols and programs that enhance the well-being of our whole community—inside and beyond our hospital and clinic walls. Looking back at her role at Alomere as CMO, she has been instrumental in helping the entire organization consistently exceed industry standards.

Recognized as a Healthcare Leader

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Our organization is consistently recognized with regional and national awards for safety and efficacy. On a regular basis, news organizations like National Public Radio and others, seek her perspectives on timely healthcare issues. Most recently, she has served on the COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Council for the State of Minnesota, a Chairperson for the Central Minnesota Health Network, and in 2021, she was elected President of the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Dittberner is a powerful force for good in our community, state, and now nationally.

Dr. Deb Dittberner collaborating with a care team at Alexandria Clinic.

Staying Connected

Even in her new role, Dr. Deb is committed to sharing her insights with Alomere Health for years to come. She has reached out to all of her current patients to help them transition to another physician and care team at Alexandria Clinic. She will stay active in her current role through most of April. And since her new position is 100% remote, Dr. Deb and her husband Jay, will remain in the Alexandria area, close to family and friends.

Join with all of us at Alomere Health in wishing Dr. Deb Dittberner a heartfelt appreciation for her legacy in our community and a successful transition to the next chapter of her healthcare career. Thank you and we love you, Dr. Deb!