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A nurse who cares for nurses.

Spotlight: Brittany Westermann, Education Coordinator at Alomere Health.

Growing up in the Twin Cities, Brittany has only known the world of caregiving. “My first job at 15 years old was caring for a neighbor who was born disabled. I’ve never worked at grocery stores or retail businesses. So it was natural for me to get into nursing.” Brittany started her career as a Registered Nurse at Alomere ten years ago.

Now, in addition to caring for patients, Brittany is also caring for nurses—making sure they are set up for success. “Our orientation program is very unique at Alomere. Most organizations don’t have someone dedicated to it. I make sure every new nurse gets exposed to the equipment, policies, codes, drills, and where things are at—the technology alone can be overwhelming!”

On top of seeing how the ER, ICU, Med/Surg, and Oncology departments function, Brittany adds an understanding of how all of the ancillary departments work together as a whole medical team. For this reason, she believes starting a nursing career in a hospital setting is a smart move.

The exposure you get here will help you find what area of nursing you like best. And, the clinical experience you receive will make furthering your education much easier.

Brittany Westermann, Education Coordinator
Alomere Health

Brittany explains Alomere’s hands-on environment as, “…a great place for new nurses. They get the opportunity to use their skills. LPNs will be starting IVs; they’re inserting tubes. They’ll partner with a RN, but they very much are the primary care giver to four or five patients. You will really feel like an equal with the other nurses.”

Lisa Holdvogt, BSN agrees, “In the first week there is A LOT of information. I don’t want to say ‘overwhelming’ because Brittany broke it down and I was able to learn at my own pace. The first day on my own after training, I felt excited and ready.”
Brittany believes people like Lisa and others are born nurses. “We’re a different breed. I swear, I can tell if someone is a nurse or not—just by talking to them for a few minutes.” That’s why she encourages people curious about nursing to follow their passion. “After COVID, there’s been a lot of negativity around nursing. Don’t give up or be scared to pursue nursing. Or you’ll feel like something is missing in your life. I truly believe that.”

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