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A happy cardiac rehab ending.

Recovering from a heart valve replacement surgery, Terrie credits the Alomere Cardiac Rehab team for allowing her to get back to an active lifestyle.

Terrie’s story started with a simple conversation with her primary care physician, Dr. Jennessa Warzecha. Terrie mentioned she had difficulty breathing—simply walking. Knowing Terrie’s whole health history, Dr. Warzecha requested an Echocardiogram. The results found two deteriorating heart valves—a genetic disorder.

Terrie is no stranger to surgery. Because of her strenuous career in caregiving, she had undergone carpel tunnel surgery, hip, shoulder, and two knee replacements! Terrie knew sticking with her rehab therapy regimen was essential to a full recovery.

The two new valves were working great, but Terrie needed to build up body strength. Over the course of 36 sessions, 3 days a week, the therapy slowly increased her mobility.

The therapists are very respectful of your needs, but they gently push you to make the progress you need.

Terrie, Cardiac Rehab Patient

Now Terrie is able to do the basic activities she once took for granted: yard work, grocery shopping, and going for walks. “I owe the girls the health I have today.”

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