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Travel Medicine

Before you leave the country, check in with us.

Are you planning a trip outside of the U.S.? Make us your first stop. Our Travel Medicine team is here to help you have a safe and healthy adventure. Whether you’re studying abroad, working overseas, or just seeing the world, we can help you minimize the risk of exposure to illness or infection.

Based on your medical history and your destination(s), we’ll recommend any applicable immunizations or medications you may need, and we’ll provide tips for staying safe from insect and water-borne infections and other potential hazards.

We want you to have an amazing travel experience. So if you’re heading abroad, see our Travel Medicine team at Alexandria Clinic first— at least six weeks prior to departure, if possible. Bon voyage!

It’s better here.

To schedule an appointment with our Travel Medicine team, call us at 320-763-5123.

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