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Spotlight: Sarah Sprengeler, MD

Dr. Sprengeler has always wanted to be a small town obstetrician and gynecologist. After her residency, she chose Alexandria to start her practice and choose to work within a smaller, independent health system. “Alomere is nimble and localized. Our leaders are in the community with us,” comments Dr. Sprengeler. “We understand what our community needs and what’s best for our people. It’s better than having decisions made by people that don’t know us and don’t live where our patients are living.”

She confesses that a health system the size of Alomere also allows her the freedom to meet patients where they are and individualize their care. “In a bigger organization, sometimes there are bureaucratic roadblocks to getting patients what they need.”

Dr. Sprengeler notes the high volumes at a large health system can feel like an interstate highway.

At Alomere, we can take a country road and modify the care to the individual.

Sarah Sprengeler, MD, OB/GYN
Alomere Health

Having the time to slow down and listen to patients, Dr. Sprengeler has noticed something about women—and especially mothers, “Women don’t put themselves first. They work hard and take care of everyone else first, and then they can be bashful about describing how they are feeling. These problems are limiting their ability to be a good mom or do a good job in their work. I can help them and that’s why I love Women’s Health.”

This approach to care is why so many of Dr. Sprengeler’s patients say they feel completely heard. “I’m glad they say that because if you listen for the clues, patients will tell you what’s wrong with them,” says Dr. Sprengeler.

Dr. Sprengeler is proud of the breadth of gynecologic surgery offered at Alomere. “I love the variety of options we offer our patients. We are comfortable in both ‘tried and true’ as well as new surgical approaches—and have enough volume to make it routine. I enjoy helping women treat their abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, and prolapse problems. We offer several minimally invasive approaches for hysterectomy. Vaginal hysterectomy, as a first option, leaves no abdominal incision so patients feel less pain with a faster recovery than procedures with larger incisions.”

When asked about Alomere’s unique collaboration of OBs and midwives, she’s puzzled why other health systems don’t offer both.

It works so easily here. Everyone has their unique roles, and we all play well in the sandbox. Since we all share the same office together, we are always collaborating.

Sarah Sprengeler, MD, OB/GYN
Alomere Health

Now with Dr. Rebecka Docken joining the team in 2023, Alomere Health solidifies its leadership as the region’s most comprehensive Women’s Health team.

Even though she is running a successful practice, Dr. Sprengeler confesses her personal life is “fun and busy, with occasional pandemonium.” With a family of seven, chickens, pigs, sheep, and now breeding fainting goats on their hobby farm, she’s glad patients and neighbors don’t mind seeing her around town in scrubs and a ponytail. “I have children. I don’t have time to be glamorous!”

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