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Identical twins who share a nursing career path and work ethic.

Spotlight: Megan & Katie.

Meet Katie Johnson and Megan Noetzelman, identical twin sisters that both work at Alomere Health as registered nurses.

We look so similar, that if Megan and I are working different shifts, patients sometimes think it’s one person taking care of them 24 hours a day!

Katie Johnson, RN
Alomere Health

Growing up together on their family farm in Brandon, MN, the twins were taught the value of hard work from childhood. “It was a large dairy farm with cows that had to be milked and fed­–every day. Helping out with the chores was just part of our routine,” says Megan.

Moving from the countryside to the patient’s bedside, Katie and Megan brought their work ethic with them. “There are a lot of jobs out there that might be easier than nursing, but few are as rewarding,” comments Katie.

She relays a story about an elderly patient who was undergoing a surgery for the first time.

He was so scared. We talked a bit until he felt better. Afterward, as he was leaving to go home, he grabbed my hand and gave me a hand-written thank you note. That made me feel so good about what we do here. We make a real difference in people’s lives.

Megan Noetzelman, RN
Alomere Health

When asked what qualities are needed to be successful in their role, Megan was quick to say, “You have to be positive. You have to be patient and kind. Patients are often times stressed or hurting.” Katie jumps in to say, “You definitely have to be a people person. You’re always chatting with patients. It’s also helpful if you’re helpful. You can’t be lazy,” Katie says with a laugh.

Hard work and teamwork are themes in the twins. In addition to their roles at Alomere, they also work together outside of the hospital. They are careful to thank their husbands and extended family that pitch in to help care for their growing families, which allows Katie and Megan the flexibility to work. “The opportunities are endless. With so many different departments at Alomere, there are always options for career growth or variety.”

Wives, mothers, nurses, entrepreneurs­—Katie and Megan will never be accused of being lazy.


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