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Always wanting to know more.

Spotlight: Express Care provider, Kelley Mikkelson, FNP-C

Kelley’s career in healthcare was deeply impacted by a tragic event on her wedding day when her brother-in-law unexpectedly passed away from a pulmonary embolism. It was at this point, a fire was ignited inside her and she knew she needed to further her medical education to graduate school, to fulfill a deep calling to help others, and save lives.

As a child, Kelley never thought of healthcare as a career choice for herself. But after working at a local group home after high school, she fell in love with caring for people and switched her degree from engineering to nursing—and never looked back! Eventually, she was running one of those group homes as a registered nurse.

She continued on with education, always wanting to further herself and wanting to know more. She graduated from Bemidji State University and took roles at Alomere hospital (then Douglas County Hospital) and Alexandria Clinic.

Years after the wedding day tragedy, she successfully completed her graduate degree from Walden University and started serving her purpose as a certified family nurse practitioner (FNP-C). She has spent the last five years working for Lake Region Healthcare in Morris and Fergus Falls. This provided her experience in family medicine, internal medicine, hospitalist, and urgent care.

Now coming back home to Alomere, she is excited to bring her knowledge and work experience to her home town Express Care—while dramatically reducing her commute. For all of those five years, she’s been driving to work from her home on Mill Lake.

Kelley brings a passion for mental health, preventative healthcare, women’s health, nutrition, and care across the lifespan to her new role.

I'm proud of how much my work experience makes me well-rounded for this next chapter of my career. Alomere will be so good for my family, it feels like I'm back home again.

Kelley Mikkelson, FNP-C, Express Care
Alomere Health

Kelley is looking forward to being closer to home as her young kids are getting active in sports. In addition, she will be logging more hours in her garden, traveling with family (including their goldendoodle, Murphy), hiking in the mountains, and spending time on the lake.

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