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Spotlight: Delia Olson

Cleanliness in a hospital is essential for quality care. Patients and providers demand it. Government agencies scrutinize it on a regular basis to make sure Americans are receiving the best care possible.

To achieve the highest levels of quality in housekeeping, Alomere Health relies on environmental service experts like Delia (Dee) Olson, “I’m very proud of the work I do.”

With twenty years of experience at Alomere Health, Dee certainly knows what she’s doing. She attributes her success at Alomere to her hard work ethic.

Growing up in the Philippines, I was one of nine children on a farm. We didn’t have a tractor, we had a water buffalo!

Delia Olson, Environmental Services
Alomere Health

“All of us worked at a young age to help support the family,” says Dee. She has brought that work ethic to America. Passing on the values of hard work are so important to her that she often brings her children with her when visiting family in the Philippines.  This allows them to see the dramatic cultural differences. “At Christmas, the children don’t have toys,” says Dee. If she’s there for the holidays, she rolls up her sleeves and cooks with her family to make sure everyone has lots of good food. “Yet they are all happy there. Everyone is happy.”

With Brian, her husband of 33 years, and their three children (Arnold, Ryan, and Vanessa), Dee is happy to be living and building a career in Alexandria. Because she stays in consistent contact with her family in the Philippines, she is often reminded of her good fortune here at home, “We’re so lucky. Here we just have snow.”

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