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Ashley went back to school to get her dream job.

As a self-described adrenaline junkie, Ashley Lee loves the fast pace and excitement in her new role as a Surgical Technologist at Alomere Health. “It requires a strong will. It’s a lot of responsibility and you need to be ready for everything,” says Ashley.

Even though she’s happy now, Ashley’s career path did have some curves and dead ends. In high school she wanted to be an airplane pilot, but found flight school too cost prohibitive. She went to school to be an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). She loved the work, but at that time, the job couldn’t offer a full-time position. So Ashley went back to school and completed her accreditation as a phlebotomist. Not long after, she and her husband moved from Willmar to Alexandria and started working at Alomere in 2017.

As an employee, she learned she was eligible for Alomere’s continuing education grant program—Grow Our Own. This program pays the cost of tuition while the employee continues to work half time (and keep their benefits). In return, Ashley agreed to stay with Alomere for three years after she completed her Surgical Technologist degree.

It was hard work going to school and working, but I'm so glad I did it. I'm learning so much every day and it feels extremely rewarding to help patients in this way.

Ashley Lee, Surgical Technologist
Alomere Health

Ashley and her husband love their new lives in Alexandria. They enjoy hiking and raising animals: three dogs, seven snakes, and several axolotls (look it up).

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