Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we change our name?

There are three key reasons we've outgrown the name Douglas County Hospital (DCH).

  1. We serve far beyond Douglas County.

    The name we've held since 1955 no longer adequately reflects who we are and who we serve.

    • Forty percent of our workforce now resides outside of Douglas County.
    • We now deliver babies from 100 zip codes.
    • In all, our hospital and clinics now serve patients from 186 zip codes.

  2. We're far more than a hospital.

    Our hospital facility provides much more than traditional hospital services. It also houses a wide range of clinics and groups:

    • Heartland Orthopedic Specialists
    • OB/GYN Clinic
    • General Surgery Clinic
    • Medical Oncology Clinic
    • Radiation Oncology Clinic
    • PEAK Performance Clinic
    • And a very robust Rehab Department

    Plus, we have two offsite clinics:

    • Alexandria Clinic
    • Osakis Clinic

  3. We need a unified brand.

    Since merging with Heartland Orthopedic Specialists, Alexandria Clinic and Osakis Clinic in 2012, the hospital and clinics have continued operating under separate names, with a loosely tied identity. Working under multiple disconnected names has kept us from fully tapping into the strength and unity of our team. Our new name brings us together in a powerful way—and opens the doors to greater potential.

Has the leadership or ownership changed?

Not at all. The current organization is here to stay. We are financially strong, nationally recognized, regionally valued and we're positioning ourselves to remain independent into the foreseeable future. We've changed our name to help us remain a competitive, locally owned healthcare organization—and to more effectively meet our mission and vision.

Have the mission, vision or values changed?

Absolutely not. Our mission, vision and values have been driving the decision to rebrand—and the rebrand will help us do an even better job of living them out.

  • Our Mission: Our passion and purpose is to strengthen and nurture the health and well-being of our family, friends, neighbors and communities, through every season of life.
  • Our Vision: We will be Central Minnesota's preferred health system, regionally recognized for innovative, cost effective and high-quality care while focusing on the health and well-being of those living in the communities we serve.
  • Our Values: Integrity, Compassion, Excellence, Hospitality, Accountability

How will this change impact patients?

The biggest impact to patients is they'll be cared for by an even more connected and unified team. Patients will also see the new Alomere Health branding throughout our facilities, our website and our communications. Beyond that, patients shouldn't experience any significant impact.

How will this change impact employees?

Employees will begin to experience a new synergy and a fresh energy across all functions and teams. They'll start to see the new Alomere Health logo on their paychecks and throughout our buildings and communications. And they'll continue to see new opportunities for growth. Beyond that, employees won't experience any significant impact.

What was the process for choosing the new name?

This process has spanned 18 months of much careful thought, discussion and input from over 900 employees and 400 community members. The general process for renaming the organization began in 2016. Here's what was involved:

  • Over 500 people within the organization, on the board, and within the community were interviewed about the potential advantages, challenges, opportunities and outcomes of changing our name. A majority of those who were asked felt that a name change could help the organization continue to grow, unify its multiple services and locations, better integrate quality and care, and support efforts to serve the larger region.
  • All 900 employees of DCH and its clinics, as well as 400 patients and community members, were invited to respond to a survey about the culture of our organization—to help identify the most important elements that make us who we are.
  • Through both of the above exercises, we learned that:
    • The community sees our organization as an important service provider, a major employer, a regional hub for healthcare and, overall, a valuable asset.
    • People care about the decisions made here.
    • The organization's greatest strengths are seen as: its people, its local/community-based focus and its high-quality services.
  • We performed extensive research and reviews into other medical brands within and around our region.
  • All of these findings were carefully reviewed by the board and DCH leadership. There were a range of opinions and concerns to consider, but the overwhelming consensus was that a new name would better position our organization to fulfill our mission and vision, and equip us to remain a successful, high-quality, independent entity.
  • Next, these findings were presented at a series of community sessions—with a total of 150 community members in attendance. Again, the consensus was that moving forward with a name change would be an overall positive choice.
  • Based on all of these insights and learnings, an outside firm provided about 30 new name options, along with rationale and a scientific system for matching these names to what our organization—and our community—values most.
  • The name options were then explored, discussed, considered, adjusted and narrowed down by the board and leadership over a period of about seven months.
  • The final name, Alomere Health, was chosen and approved by the board in a unanimous decision in September 2017.
  • We'd like to thank all those who participated in the online survey, in-person interviews, rebranding focus groups, rebranding task force, and rebranding celebration task force, as well as the brand ambassadors.

Why was the name Alomere Health chosen?

We wanted a name that our organization could fully own—something completely unique to us. The name Alomere is a combination of the Latin "alo"—meaning to nurture or strengthen—and the Old English word "mere", or lake. These two concepts honor our heritage and location and form a name that feels both soothing and strong, one that honors our specific culture and community.

It's a name we're incredibly proud to call our own—and a name that can take us well into the future.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have further questions, you may direct them to our Director of Community Relations & Development, Eddie Reif at or 320-762-1511.