Diabetes Education

Living with diabetes is a challenge and one that requires attention to specific aspects of health on a daily basis. Self-care is important in order to reduce complications that can arise from diabetes when blood sugar levels are not managed well. We understand the struggle of living with diabetes every day and the frustration that comes with it.  But we also understand the rewards of managing diabetes. When you take control, you’ll feel better both physically and emotionally, as well as a sense of accomplishment and pride in what you've done.

Although diabetes can't be cured, it can be controlled through good self-management. Since 2003, the Alexandria Clinic Diabetes Education Program has provided education and support to patients and the community. The program offers comprehensive classes, individualized instruction and support that is open to the public. Our goal is to help each patient and family develop a self-management plan that meets their individual needs. Learning the skills and strategies needed to control diabetes will help them live healthier, happier lives.

The Alexandria Clinic Diabetes Self-Management Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for quality self-management and education and is covered by most insurance plans and Medicare. If you would like to enroll or receive additional information, please call (320) 763-5123.

The Alexandria Clinic Diabetes Self-Management Education Program has received Recognition by the American Diabetes Association in accordance with the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs.