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Alomere Health Suppliers

Our suppliers provide essential products and high quality services that support our commitment to enhance Alomere Health core values within our communities: serving patients above all, adhering to honest and ethical principles, working jointly with others to improve health, serving with kindness, dignity, and respect and ensuring responsible use of all resources. This section has been developed to provide suppliers with current policies and procedures necessary to successfully conduct business with Alomere Health. Suppliers who do not comply will be prohibited from visiting and/or conducting business with Alomere Health facilities.

Key points of our policy:

  • Suppliers visiting an Alomere Health location must have a scheduled appointment. (dropping in on staff is a violation of our policy).
  • Suppliers are only permitted to visit with the scheduled personnel while at any Alomere Health location.
  • Suppliers must sign in at designated Reptrax location when arriving at Alomere Health facilities.
  • Suppliers must not leave samples without prior approval from Supply Chain or Pharmacy department.
  • Suppliers will adhere to Alomere Health policies and procedures on the supplier website.

We hope the information provided will be helpful to you in working with our team at Alomere Health.