Preceptorship Parameters/Availabilities

At Alomere Health, we value the opportunity to create and shape learning environments for the next generation of health care providers. It is because of our passion for creating health care leaders, we have a formal process and guidelines all applicants are required to adhere to in order to gain the robust experiences we are able to offer.

At Alomere Health, we truly love west central Minnesota and care passionately about providing the highest quality of care close to home for those we serve. Through our service to the region, we also value our ability to train and educate our own future health care professionals. For that reason, we will give preference to any applicant who has strong ties to our geographic region. We view these educational experiences as an opportunity for our providers to teach the future leaders of health care, but we also use these experiences as an opportunity for auditioning any potential provider candidates. We feel these opportunities need to be a win/win for both the student as well as Alomere Health.

The following is the priority of which we will be accepting any preceptorships:

Rotations required for Residency Training
Rotations for Medical Students
Physician Assistant programs with physical campuses in Minnesota
Nurse Practitioner programs with physical campuses in Minnesota
Online Nurse Practitioner programs


At this time, we are limiting the number of students in our preceptorship programs to 3 at any given time. All inquiries will need to be sent to Eddie Reif, Director of Community Relations & Development at or 320.762.6194.

Thank you for your interest in the preceptorship program at Alomere Health and we look forward to working with as many future health care professionals as possible.

Please Note: Alomere Health does not provide any financial assistance to any resident or medical student or the programs they are representing.